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Style is who you are. Not what you have. 


Style, by definition, is often associated with aesthetics and appearance.


While that may be the case at face value, at Beyond Styling, we believe it runs beyond clothing, trends, and fashion. 

Style is an articulation of your life experiences; it is self-expression, it is story-telling, and most importantly, it is the one thing in this universe that cannot be replicated - because it’s you.


By fusing your story, personality, values, and goals, Beyond Styling uses the power of clothing to help you define yourself stylistically.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, and spearheaded by Australian Style Institute qualified fashion stylist Justina Low, Beyond Styling makes the daily ritual of dressing a truly empowering, exciting and personal experience. 


Through curiosity and empathy, Beyond Styling will work collaboratively with you to uncover your unique personal style with integrity, intention, and honesty. 


So that your outer self? Is a comfortable translation of your inner self.

"Style is the one thing in this universe that cannot be replicated - because it's you."

I highly recommend we all use a stylist in a photoshoot. Justina put me in outfits that I never even dreamt of, yet made me feel exactly like me


Personal Branding Styling

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