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We let the power of clothing translate & tell your story.

To us at Beyond Styling, we believe style isn’t just about clothing, trends, and fashion. 


It’s about bringing the “personal” back to “personal styling”. It’s about clarity and being intentional in our purchasing decisions. And it’s about making the daily ritual of putting on our favourite outfit empowering, exciting and personal. 


By fusing empathy, sharp curiosity, a wealth of knowledge, and our ability to get under your skin to discover who you really are, we use the power of clothing to help you articulate your own “personal style”.


Through curiosity, we uncover your story — where you’ve been, where you are today, and where you plan to be — to tailor a wardrobe that suits your journey



We act like your most honest and reliable friend — the one who holds a mirror up to you to bring out the very best version of yourself — to truly connect with you and help you discover something new about yourself


We use our vast knowledge of styling to discover what cuts, fits, forms and fabrics suit you and your story


Style is so much more than clothing. That’s why we go beyond trends and ‘It’ labels to honestly and openly communicate with you, and discover your true style


We believe that each purchase should be met with intention, confidence and empowerment. You will always feel like you’re on your own path with

Beyond Styling


Whether you’re looking to give your wardrobe an update, you need an outfit for a special occasion, or you want us to help uncover your style with the whole sha-bang, Beyond Styling will help you share your story with the world.


By fusing your story, personality, values and goals, Beyond Styling uses the power of clothing to help you define yourself stylistically. 


Based in Melbourne, Australia, and spearheaded by Australian Style Institute qualified fashion stylist Justina Low, Beyond Styling makes the daily ritual of dressing a truly empowering, exciting and personal experience. 

"I loved my styling experience with Justina who was nothing short of professional yet very relatable and friendly and made me feel at ease immediately.


She asks the right questions, listens to my concerns and took time to understand my likes and dislikes.


She does not seek to change your style but helps you see what's best."


Peggen Tan