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Retailer & Brand Services

Psst. Are you a retailer or fashion label looking to deliver a tailored and elevated experience to your audience?


Would you like them to feel especially right front and centre?

By fusing our knack of curiosity, know-how, and the understanding of your audience - allow us to become an extension of your brand and help you curate a styling experience for them that is personal, immersive, and will “wow”.

Who is this for?

Some of our most requested services include:

  • In-store Styling Services where we provide personal styling to enhance your clients’ experience.

  • Social media styling content where we talk through your collection to your audience via your Instagram stories, IGTV and live videos.

  • Presentations/masterclasses at styling nights, events and workshops with valuable insights and education based on a chosen topic.

  • Commercial styling, including creative styling services for e-commerce, social media, look books and campaigns.

"Justina from Beyond Styling has played an incredible role as senior stylist in our business, Feather & Noise, for over two years now. From the moment I encountered Justina, I absolutely knew her professional and gentle nature would be the perfect fit for our F&N tribe and clientele.

Justina always goes above and beyond to carefully listen to our clients' needs and works confidently to not only style, but more importantly, to support our clients in making well informed decisions around their purchases.

She strongly believes in practicality, versatility, and pieces that will feed in nicely to our clients' existing wardrobe and lifestyles.

Justina has every woman leaving feeling that little bit more empowered than when they first walked into our styling suite. 



Director and Owner

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