A.k.a the full sha-bang.  No more “what do I wear?” and no more “I don’t know if that’s my style.”

As the name would suggest, the Complete Experience will provide you with not only the 360 degree styling experience, but also clarity and confidence on your distinctive style beyond our journey together. 

This all-in-one package provides you with hours of 1:1 consultations, personal shopping and tailored advice with your very own stylist. And together, we will help you define and translate your unique style.

Who is this for?

You’re ready to really discover your true style. You’ve been wanting to do something like this for years — maybe you’re in a client-facing role and want to feel confident when you step into meetings, perhaps you’ve hit a milestone birthday and you’re ready to look and feel your best, or maybe you’re simply fed up with not feeling amazing when you get dressed everyday. 

The Journey

  • A 45 minute-1 hour Style Consultation that includes a personal Q&A to understand you and your style. 

  • A 3.5 hour Wardrobe Session where we try on all the pieces in your wardrobe to determine if they still align with your style and needs. We’ll remove the pieces that no longer serve you and keep the ones that do. This is followed by a reorganisation of your wardrobe to ensure dressing is a pleasurable and easy experience from here on out.  From there we will show you how to create outfits with your shortlisted pieces to give a fresh perspective to your wardrobe. And finally, we will make a shopping list to fill in the gaps we have identified so you can shop intentionally in the future.

  • Your stylist will then hit the shops and pre-select items on the shopping list, which we will then share with you in your personal shopping session. Here we will provide you with tips on how to shop better and a list of stores that align with your style. This session will go for 2.5-3 hours.

  • On a separate day, we will do a 1.5 hour 1:1 Wardrobe Masterclass to show you how to create outfits that would suit you from your new purchases. We will document the process using photos, which you will be able to keep.

  • You will receive a digital folder of photographs from the 1:1 Wardrobe Masterclass, access to our members-only Facebook group, and direct style support via email for one month after the experience.

"I can't thank you enough. I really enjoyed today. As you know, I was pretty skeptical and a bit nervous too, but the whole process was simple, easy and most importantly, enjoyable!

I haven't enjoyed shopping like that ever 
and I'm really excited to pop on my new outfits over the coming days.

I was really impressed with your professionalism and the amount of time and effort you put into the whole experience. I felt like such a VIP walking into shops and having items pre-selected and ready for me to try on!
It just takes all the stress, anxiety and overwhelm out of shopping.

Thank you!"


Bridget . F
The Complete Styling Experience