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A New Era: 5 Telling Signs Your Personal Style Has Evolved

An empty clothing rack with white hangers hanging.

Have you ever had that moment where you're standing before your wardrobe, sorting through piece after piece, and suddenly think... Maybe, just maybe, my style has evolved and I didn't even notice?

If this resonates, you might just be at a pivotal point in your style journey, wondering if the path you've been treading still aligns with where you're headed.

Could you be standing at the crossroads of your style journey?

Let's dive into some tell tale signs that your style is ready for a new chapter:

1.      Lack of joy and excitement:

The lack of joy and excitement in putting outfits together from your current wardrobe is a telling sign. If your pieces that once sparked that for you, no longer do, or getting dressed up in the morning feels more like a chore than an enjoyable process, then its time to check in with your style.

2.      You're sensing newfound curiosity:

Have you caught yourself eyeing styles or pieces that a year ago wouldn’t have crossed your mind? This curiosity is a big indicator that your personal style is growing. It's a sign you're ready to break out of your comfort zone and experiment with something new.

3.      You're experiencing personal growth:

Personal transformations often trigger changes in style. Your wardrobe is a visual representation of who you are—so when there’s a shift in your inner self, your style should reflect that too. If it doesn’t, it might feel like you’re wearing someone else’s clothes.


4.      You're sensing discomfort and disconnection:

If your clothes feel off, whether they don’t fit like they used to, or the style no longer feels right, listen to that feeling. This discomfort can be both physical and psychological, highlighting a disconnect between your evolving self and your current wardrobe.


5.      You’ve had major lifestyle changes:

Life's big changes—like a new job, moving cities, motherhood or significant shifts in personal relationships—often call for a style reassessment. Your old clothes might not just be out of style, but they might also hold you back by keeping you tethered to the past.

These are the signs, my friend.

Recognising these signs is like having a heart-to-heart with your wardrobe. It’s the realisation that it’s time for change and giving yourself permission to evolve.

Awareness is the first step on your journey to refreshing your personal style. If you're seeing these signs in yourself, congratulations—you’re already on the path to discovering a style that truly reflects who you are now, and who you're becoming.

Ready to take action? If you find yourself stuck at this crossroad, unsure of how to move forward, I invite you to book a free 20-minute Strategy Call with me. Let’s chart your personal roadmap to style confidence together.

Don’t spend one more day stuck in the past. It's time to embrace your present and thrive in your evolving style!

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