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Choosing Your Perfect Denim Jacket!

Do you find yourself getting lost for choices when selecting which denim jacket is the right one for you? The varieties are endless, and they all look kind of similar, but not really. The more you stare at the options, the more overwhelmed you become.

This is because, not all denim jackets are created equal. SAY WHAT?!

That's right!

This classic comes in all shapes and forms, which means, to find 'THE ONE' for you will require an understanding of what you are after in your denim jacket.. and with that, considering these key criteria:


Denim jackets come in all shades of blue, and other colours too. Know that you don't NEED to go for a blue, however that is the classic denim as we know it and is pretty versatile, I might add.

A lighter wash can play on a more casual feel and a darker wash can appear to be more dressed up. Consider if your wardrobe needs a lighter shade for a freshen up or if you may need something darker to provide dressier options.


Manipulating the length can change up a silhouette and also the look and style of the outfit.

For example, a cropped length to a denim jacket can accentuate your waist and create shape.

If you are after an oversized, somewhat boyfriend look to the jacket, a longer length can do that.


You will find that many of the denim jackets out there are either 100% cotton or a percentage of cotton mixed with some form of elastic/stretch material.

A 100% jacket is more rigid and has that classic denim feel to it. It does not have stretch to it but can provide a bit more structure to the piece and hold its shape better.

On the other hand, something with a cotton blend may provide the amount of stretch just enough for a 'comfy' fit and feel to the piece.

4. FIT & CUT

There are so many variations available so the best way is to try it on and determine how it fits on you and if you like how it is cut.

Consider how you like your jacket to look:

  • Do you prefer a slimmer fit?

  • Maybe you like it a little oversized?

  • Are you after something more relaxed?

Also consider what you would likely be wearing it with and where to. How versatile would this fit/cut be? Will it pair and/or layer easily? Will it integrate well into your lifestyle?


If you want to inject some fun into this classic, you can find pieces that show a little personality. This can come in the form of rips, studs, a distressed element, different levels of fade etc.

A classic piece like a denim jacket can still reflect you, and elements of interest and detail to your clothing can do just that!

Want to see my top picks for denim jackets out there right now?

Click here to view my favourites!

Photography Credits:

Image 1 - Captured by Me & My Girl / Hair & Makeup by Making Pretty

Image 2 - Captured by Catherine Elise Photography

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