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How to Love Your New Body after Pregnancy

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Bringing a new soul into this world is one of the most wonderful things that you have done in your life but learning to love your post-partum self can be challenging.

Your whole world suddenly shifts focus, from you to them. Being a parent is full of selfless prioritisation, sleepless nights, endless wonder at how your body managed to make such a beautiful human, endless spit ups, and all the difficult, beautiful things in between. You're entering a new chapter of your life and things are changing. Your body has changed, your daily activities have changed, and the clothing that previously served you so well and supported you through your day to day life might not fit, suit or be practical for you any more.

So where do you start with your wardrobe post-partum?

1. Practice Gratitude

Things will be different both internally and externally but different does not mean bad, it can be amazing! Practicing gratitude for the incredible things that you and your body have accomplished is an important part of elevating your confidence post-partum.

Make a list of the incredible things your body has done for you. Your body has produced life. It has grown and adapted to support another human being, a whole other life besides your own. Your body has kept you alive to witness the beautiful journey of parenthood ahead. Wear this new, powerful body proudly.

2. Create A Safe Space

Let your wardrobe be a safe space you can come to every day.

What do I mean by that? For some, hanging on to clothes that used to fit and looking at them each day in your wardrobe can be a painful reminder of your previous body shape and can get in the way of you embracing your new wonderful self. Try popping your favourite pre-pregnancy pieces in a box out of view so that you aren't confronted by them each morning.

Fill your wardrobe only with pieces that will support you today and in this season, fits your current body shape and that you feel happy in. This is not only a wardrobe detox but a mental detox of any thoughts in your mind which do not serve you regarding your body or shape post-partum.

3. Embrace Your New Body

Some (or many) of the pieces you previously owned may not fit the same way anymore or maybe, you no longer feel the same way about some of these pieces now. This is because you have evolved as a person - internally and externally, and that's OK. It's time to discover and embrace your new body (and the new you!).

Take note of which pieces make you happy when you put them on. Lean in on the parts of your new shape that you love. Put less importance on your weight and size, and more importance on the fit of your clothing.

Your new body tells a story of triumph and life. Celebrate it!

And when you're ready ...

4. Build a wardrobe with new pieces you love

When you're able to see yourself in clothing that not only looks good on you but also makes you feel that way, it will further nurture your journey in accepting and loving your new shape. Building this new wardrobe is about discovering your evolved self (which includes your identity, body shape, lifestyle, goals and dreams) and celebrating it with new love and confidence.

All of this isn't going to happen overnight, so be kind and gentle on yourself. It will be a journey of self discovery and love for the 'you' now - and it can be beautiful, if you allow it to be.

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